About Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid has been set up with the aim of listing the various support groups that have been established during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in an easy to search format.

(It was also a way to hopefully make good use of my time while socially distancing!)

At present we have a list of local support groups listed by area (originally focused on the North East of England, then expanded to cover all of the United Kingdom). There is also group search and map search functionality.

How you can help

Around 2000 groups have automatically been added to the website. If you're involved with a local group, check that it is listed. If it's not listed, submit the details and we'll add it ASAP. If it is listed, check that all the details are correct (area covered, keywords, contact details, etc) and use the edit group form linked below the group details to change anything that needs to be updated.

If you're not yet involved with a group, you can search the map to find groups in your area.

If your local area doesn't have a group then you might want to consider setting one up yourself and submitting the details.

If you have any suggestions for useful things that could be added to the website then feel free to get in touch.

Finally, share the website so others can do the same!

About the website

The website was built using Bootstrap and is powered by Expression Engine. The map features use the Google Maps API. The Geocode.xyz API was used to provide geolocations for imported groups.

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